Tactile Rubik’s cube

In 2009 I decided I wanted a tactile Rubik’s cube to do blindfolded. I thought it would be a good exercise in using touch and in mental 3D visualisation. Unfortunately no such thing was available – though it turned out, like most of my ideas, that it has been done before. If I remember correctly, there was a Braille Rubik’s sphere on eBay, rumours of a German Braille cube from the ’80s and a shop in America that sells them but not online. So I had to make one. I decided against using simple dots for Braille as, even for an experienced reader, the words would often be the wrong way round.

I put a different texture on each face – blank, felt, velcro, buttons, washers and those boggly-eye-things.

In terms of distinct textures, I think they were good choices. However, I would advise against using felt as bits of it come off too easily.

rubiks1 rubiks2 rubiks3

Originally posted at a much earlier version of adamcorlett.com

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