The Living Standards Audit 2018 (RF report)

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With Stephen Clarke, Conor D’Arcy & John Wood

Very quick summary:

  • Looks in detail at one of the problems with existing household income data: the fact that tens of billions of pounds of benefit spending seems to be missing, and that this has got worse over time
  • For the first time, attempts to (roughly) correct for this problem, changing what we know about household incomes, inequality and poverty since 1994
  • Shows that child poverty fell considerably faster than thought in the early 2000s and that the government likely even hit its 2004 poverty target
  • Updates RF’s 2017-18 household income ‘nowcast’ – which we do because official data won’t be out until 2019 – pointing to poor growth and rising child poverty last year.

Covered in The FT, BBC, ITV, The Times and more.

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